Well, who’s making the coffee?

Well, who's making coffee?

Well, who’s making coffee?

This background was my first venture into acrylic techniques. It is several layers of color with alcohol (91% from the pharmacy, not the state store). It’s so much fun that I use this method in every abstract I paint- at least once.
I had decided at the beginning of this year to take my art more seriously and spend time creating pieces not intended for my own uses but for other collectors.
But where do you start when everything you look at is something that can be painted? Going back to the beginning seemed like a good idea. I don’t remember everything about my first painting. I do remember that it was a still life in oil & I had to paint a mug. It frustrated me. There was more to the painting other than that cup but that was the part that I sweated on the most.
What I remember about it was my teacher, Mrs. Brooks (with her lovely accent) grabbing me on the shoulders from behind & gently pulling me backward. Away from my painting. “April, look what you’ve created.” There it was. A white mug. It had depth, it had form. I did that. By myself. Whoa!
It’s a feeling that’s difficult to describe (other than whoa!) when you surprise yourself by creating something you enjoy looking at. I wanted to do it again and again. So I started back on the path this time with another mug. It’s not the same. I expect more from these hands now. It has to be a challenge, something new that I haven’t seen hundreds of times before. Something different. And so it is.

8×10 acrylic on canvas $155.00

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