Are you reading me?

I don't want to look!

I don’t want to look!

I’d like to think I’m coming in loud & clear. But it’s still a bit fuzzy for me from this vantage point. I’ve clicked. Agh! On the wrong thing again. What IS that thing and why is . it. right. wheremyfingerwantstokeeptouchingit.
This, this here is why I paint. Because it’s user friendly. For me. It makes pleasant splashy sounds when I clean my brushes. No angry beeps or clickety keys. Painting is like a quiet ballet while a keyboard is more like Riverdance. On a minefield.
This is just my opinion and it is somewhat exagerated because I did manage to do this with my own two hands.
Ok, it’s not so bad.
Maybe I should open my eyes now.

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