Taking the red one for a spin

Taking the red one for a spin

8×10 acrylic on canvas

I love paint! All the pretty colors, so many shades of blue and green, teal and turquoise, cobalt and veridian. Those are the ones I reach for first. The colors that remind me of grass & sky, trees and water. My comfort hues.
So, I’m looking around seeing the evidence of my love affair with the cool side of the color wheel. It’s displaying itself shamelessly on canvases and bodies alike. I realize…it’s too…blue. Couldn’t possibly be! But still I felt the need to challenge myself (this is how it always starts) and pick up. A bottle. Of red.
Over on the warm side now, I grabbed a couple of red’s neighbors – yellow & purple. And began spraying, thinning, splashing & dripping.
When I start a piece by creating an abstract background, I search it during every stage of the process. I look for naturally occurring images- like looking for shapes in the clouds.
For this painting, I found a face pretty quickly and decided to go with it. I found a reference photo with a pose that appealed & exagerated it to go with the natural flow of the colors on the canvas.
Not entirely intended to be a flamenco dancer, I encourage you to use your imagination. It reminded me of going into a dress shop with my sister & trying on for the fun of it. Hence the title :).

8×10 acrylic on canvas $125.00

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