Reminds me of Philly

A gift for my son.

A gift for my son.

You know, some people are fantastic at gifting. They have a knack for finding just the right thing at the right price for the right person.
I’m not that girl. The thought of an approaching giftable holiday fills me with dread. I have no idea what to give. Anyone. So I ask, “What would you like?”. If you’ve asked this question yourself, to anyone over the age of 7, the answer is almost always, “I don’t know.” or “Nothing.” or better yet, “Surprise me.” Aaaarg. Thanks alot, there, Big Helper!
I finally recieved an answer that made me smile and just about giddy. My son, Tim, said he’d like a painting of Philadelphia with the four major sports teams represented. “Do you want day or night?”. Well, he hadn’t given that part much thought. In fact, when I presented said child of mine with his new piece of art, designed just for him, he said he had been just throwing it out there & didn’t think I’d do it. Or that it would be this good.
Well, surprise, surprise, surprise!
I did it. And it’s this good!

16×20″ acrylic on canvas
You’ll have to discuss a commission with me to get one like it- He’s not giving this one away!

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