Gustav’s Blossoms

coral splash vase

Abstract at first glance looks so easy. Just splash some paint, drip it, smear it. Easy. Ok- now you try it & tell me how it goes! hahahaha
I couldn’t do it. Not at first. I painted a whole canvas but hadn’t. painted.a. thing…? You have to be able to keep your brain out of it. The part that says,”Put that over there.”, “don’t use that color! it’ll clash!”. Don’t listen to it- it wants to do what’s right, what it’s been taught to do to create a “proper” painting.
As improper as I manage to get (hehe), loosening up on canvas was a new experience. I had to read & educate myself on how to think like a surrealist, how to not think of painting while painting.

This was one of my first backgrounds done with abstraction as my goal.
It was called “Splash”. I’ve already mentioned my affinity for blue, it was the only color on the canvas. Which is why I covered this painting with a fiery coral & reworked it.
Now it’s Gustav’s Blossoms.

Better. 🙂

8×10 Acrylic on canvas $135.oo

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