Getting the Gang Together

Getting the Gang Together

Getting the Gang Together

Families are all unique, mine is no exception.
I’d usually be in the kitchen helping out when Mom said, “Call everyone down for dinner.”. I don’t know how it went in your home, but in mine, you heard noise from all corners of the house as “everyone” crowded the bathrooms to wash hands & get to the table.
“Everyone” around the table meant 4 kids on the bench, my older brother at one end, my father at the other, a high chair between Dad & Mom, then me & two more sisters in chairs. Eleven people. We raised our hands to talk at the table and had a lottery at the completion of the meal to determine who got the pleasure of washing the dishes.
It was normal for us.
Now when we all get together, spouses and grands are included in the mix and the idea of raising hands to speak sounds better than ever but has long ago been abandoned. It’s loud and active with 19 grandchildren and spouses joining in the fray. The process of getting us all in one place at the same time is increasingly complicated as we spread out from one end of the county to the other. But we manage, and get the gang together again.

This painting is sold.

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