The Fuzzy

Mind if I just hang out with you here?

Mr. Nacho was such a scaredy cat when he came to us. He’s getting braver bit by bit.
He began his life with us hiding under a loveseat, then in a closet, under the bed & if we saw him on the loveseat or bed, he’d jump down immediately.
He must have been told to get down in a previous home. I’m guessing he wasn’t popular- just a guess.
He now spends much of the night on the bed by my side and he’s allowing us to pet him with both hands. He seemed scared of being captured or something and wouldn’t let us in too close for the longest time. Now I can almost hug him. Almost, we’re getting there.
mid April 2013 005[

Last night, while lounging in the living room, I asked my husband if he was ready for bed, he said “yes”. Immediately, Nacho jumped up on the couch, walked onto my chest and laid down, hanging his chin over my shoulder, tickling my face & neck with his long whiskers. He was pretty pleased with himself if the drool was any indication. I decided it was a good idea to stay up a little bit longer, watch another rerun and allow my jammies to gather a layer of fur and a slick of spit over the shoulder.
Bed can wait, I’m being purred on.

He’s been a lesson in patience and his true personality had taken a back seat to pure survival.
Now that he has allowed us to get to know him, he’s funny! A true redhead with a redhead’s cattitude, he’s a gorgeous model, friendly companion & fabulous muse.

I just love my Nacho!

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