My June Challenge

16x20 acrylic on canvas board

16×20 acrylic on canvas board

As host of the June challenge in the acrylics forum I haunt, a fellow artist welcomed participants to paint butterflies, or a composition containing butterflies. They are bright, harbingers of friendly weather and sadly under-represented in western art. She displayed an image of Venus Venticordia by Rosetti

Along with Butterfly Landscape by Salvatore Dali
butterfly landscape -dali as references and some images of butterflies.

The rules of the challenge are: the piece must be in acrylic and it cannot be unveiled (uploaded) until the twentieth of the month. (are there more rules? seems like there should be… those are the one’s I’m ok with breaking, I guess)

Well, for some reason, I shifted gears and started something a little different from the type of work I’ve been doing recently. I ventured into uncertain territory. I say uncertain, but truth be told, I’ve done variations of my subject. Many times, in fact. But not quite like this. I wanted to test the waters some, see how I’d do.
I found pretty quickly that I needed to do some research. And more. Then get some education. And then more of that, too.
I had no idea that I didn’t know so much!
Thanks to <3, I've "been in school" all week.
What a great thing the age of information can be if you're willing to apply yourself.
So I finished a 16×20 painting unlike any you've seen from me yet.
I like it.

One thought on “My June Challenge

  1. Reblogged this on FuzzyNacho and commented:

    I didn’t want to post this image until June 20th because some visitors come from WetCanvas and I know how to keep secrets :p. It was a rush of inspiration, I really enjoyed creating Audra’s Garden & giving her a pretty and active world 🙂
    I really learned (remembered?) so much about painting people, shadows, light…it was a great lesson!
    I hope you enjoy it!

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