Summer’s Early BLooms

8x1o Acrylic on canvas

8x1o Acrylic on canvas

Diving right into the paint has never held fear for me. I saw Bob Ross at a very young age & it seemed to me…if that guy can do it…I should be able to. He said it’s only Paint & accidents are happy occurrences in “your world”- it can be what you want it to be…aaaand (I discovered) once it’s dry…I can do it again. Or again after that.

Painting isn’t usually about the end result for me. I rarely begin a canvas with the thought of what I want it to be. I usually start a canvas by dripping on it in several colors and playing with it from there. Sometimes during the process of paint, dry, paint, dry, something may emerge or the idea takes form. Sometimes nothing works and I get frustrated & throw something on top of it -like a piece of lace.

lacey accident 006[

What you see is the result of the type of paint I use over (& under) lace. After I ripped it off.
I had no idea what would happen. I figured it would be a horrible mess and I’d be covering this particular canvas with a plastic bag & sending it to it’s final resting place.

It sat for about 4 months. Some pieces require “gazing time”.

And art went to shows and art went to the gallery and art in the house & studio became less & less.
Knowing I have to paint like it’s my job, I’ve been so happy about my little habit of slowly developing a piece & having a few in progress (between 3 & 7) around at any given time.
I stopped being so choosey and deliberate (I’m not while dripping, I can assure you). I grabbed that lacey canvas & smeared a bunch of pink blobs on it. The scene from Tommy Boy comes to mind- after Tommy crushes his dinner roll at the diner (I killed my naughty little pet). But I kept going because every one of my paintings has been killed- they all go through a stage that makes me wonder what the heck was I thinking to try & paint this??
Then it happens. The blobs take form, develop depth, proportion, dark & light. A figure emerges & I. am. so. relieved that no one saw that I can’t paint! whew!! hahaha

Summers Early Blooms is 8×10 acrylic on canvas.

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