Seeking 100 Collectors

8×10 acrylic on canvas “My Street” This painting is sold

It’s true, I am. To an artist, a collector is someone who owns two or more of your pieces.
A collector may keep an eye out for work done by a certain artist. They enjoy that artist’s style, thier subject matter, maybe the artist, themself. Enough so, that they will seek out that artwork and continue to look for more. They may even inspire some of it.

These days, with computers taking us on a global exhibition, you can purchase directly from an artist anywhere around the world. You can contact the artist yourself & get to know them, ask the questions that you want answered.

It’s even better if you get to interact with them in person.
I started doing shows this spring and really enjoy it. Getting to meet new people and build relationships is a nice by-product of showing your art.

I get to meet artists this way, too. And now, I am also a collector :).


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