Noisey Tree

8x10 acrylic on canvas

8×10 acrylic on canvas

“The” question for artists always seems to be, “Who are your influences?”. This gets asked by everyone from gallery owners to other artists to people poking your work at an art show.

Until very recently, I thought noone influenced me. My style looks different from other artists both classic & current and I’m not into copying from famous artists to “practice” or “learn from them”. The latter seems a bit…well, silly to me. There’s no way I’m fool enough to believe that if I copied someone else’s work they’d have taught me a thing, as it would not be done in their medium or with their tutelage and I have my own way of doing things.

That being said, there are a few artists that I’ve enjoyed from the time I was very young, like Claude Monet. When I see his paintings, I want to put my fingers into them and touch them…even though I’m not as young (ahem) and definitely not allowed to touch it- I know- it makes very loud noises & causes all sorts of excitement…and a short museum visit, too.
I like Georgia O’Keefe- her way of zoning in on small things that would otherwise go unnoticed and her perspective always seemed so bold.
Does liking an artist constitute them as an influence?
That’s my question and I’m going to tell you why.
I heard that, you just said,”Please do!” Well, ok then.

My husband & I were recently invited to the home of one of my collectors for a cook-out.
As we were being shown around the house, I noticed a large print of “red poppy” by Georgia O’Keefe. Huh, that was funny, being that I like her work, too.
Down the stairs in the finished basement, were two of my own paintings hanging on a wall opposite a print of Das Parlament in London by Claude Monet. ( :)I’m hangin’ with Monet!!-yay!).

This blew my mind. Because I didn’t think I had any influences, but then, what would you call it?
I do have a great book about Monet (a gift from Mom) but none of his prints are around my house. Neither is O’Keefe represented on my walls.
But these artists have apparently influenced my art to the point that my style & choice of palette is attractive to the same people who enjoy those same artists.

So now, when asked,”Who are your influences?” I don’t have to say “My cat Nacho.” I can actually name known artists with confidance 🙂


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