Sheepish 8x10 acrylic on canvas

8×10 acrylic on canvas

I don’t know where the sudden urge to paint farm animals (aminals) came from ( shrug & keep rolling) but started with this little sheep (Sheepish)& then began working on some of his neighbors (Chickenistic & Cow-Like).
All with a limited palette of 2 complimentary colors and the white. Already cheating here- the chicken needs some red on his comb (well…). The colors used for Sheepish are cadmium red, sap green & titanium white (a bit of flo-aid mix & some 91% alcohol, too). Chickenistick is yellow ochre & dioxazine purple, Cow-like is cobalt blue & a mix of cad red & cad yellow which makes cadmium orange (right?? sounds right..) the blue & orange are complimentary.
Where’s the compliment? These colors don’t go well together, in fact when mixed, they make “mud”. They’re sort of ugly together. Common term among the artsy painterly type- when your pretty color combo takes a turn for the drab. Mud.
But a red looks hotter against a cool green. And when it is painted over the green…well, look at the grass and the background. That’s green šŸ˜€ under red.

I had started shading with complimentary tones because I was over-using black, but…I like black. However, I can see— too many dark paintings, too much dependance on black to darken things that are not actually black. So started the job of lightening up.
It’s a fun job. I’m up to it.
Enjoy yourself!


Middle English; Old English -isc; cognate with German -isch, Gothic -isks, Greek -iskos; akin to -esque

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