8x10 acrylic on canvas

8×10 acrylic on canvas

A little ways back, I started a project that I figured would be simple. In itself, it was. Sheepish was the first & also the piece that got me started. Chickenistic was started…at the…same time.
The day came that I finally decided to get to those last few touches on several paintings

Here comes some nerdy art-speak (nice of me to forwarn you, right? 🙂 Right?).

“Complimentary colors” are opposite colors: Red and Green, Blue and Orange, Yellow and Purple.
Just like in human relationships, opposites clash. If you mix a drop of blue & a drop of orange, you will get brown (artsy folk may use the word “Mud”).
But also like opposites, one can balance and enhance the other by highlighting their differences.

That little lesson may be to Art what Vinegar and Baking Soda are to Chemestry. A snowflake on the tip of the iceburg.
Either way, you’ll have a mess to clean up once you’re through (if you did it right (insert evil laugh).

So, while enjoying myself with Sheepish, using sap green & cad red, I began two others (imanerd- had to represent all three primaries), Chickenistic with dioxazine purple & yellow ochre and Cowtastic, which is on hold until I find the right blue & orange combo. Some colors are more translucent than others and a more effective choice for the glazing technique these paintings are created with.

Anywho- I like him, he’s hanging in a gazing area even though I don’t see any major changes coming for this one.
…but I do see something that could use just a touch…
I just like looking at him, so someone else out there might like him, too.
Enjoy yourself today!

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