Fossil Flight

October 18 13 Canal Works Bristol PA 016

October 18 13 Canal Works Bristol PA 010
My latest creation- approx 18×32″ mixed media…drywall, sawdust, acrylic. Yep.

Was so tired when this was posted, had just come from a show and in the preparing for said show, had neglected posting here (You know you missed me).
I wanted to get this painting up so you could see it, it’s a bit different from the other pieces you see here.
Hard to say how much time was spent on it…I’m guessing about 25 hours. Creating the texture on the support took about 1 1/2- 2 hours…then I kinda stopped timing myself (I’m easily distracted hahaha). This technique requires alot of idle time to dry between layers, there are plenty of layers here. It would get some drippy color, then lay flat until it was ready for more.

Layering translucent paint over other colors allows both to be seen. Doing so here, with the types of pigments used, the result is an irridescent changing of colors- Mother Nature still does it better, I’m just an admirer of her work :).

I hope you like it!

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