The Guy Who Feeds Us

Nowhere Near Done

Nowhere Near Done

At least, from my perspective, the piece I’m working on (the one that I have to drop off tonight (around 4:30), before heading to a retirement party) is not done…aaaannd here I am on the computer.

The picture is from a few days ago, it’s actually further along but it’s rare to see a work in progress.
Most art is complete when you see it, you don’t get to enjoy what many call “the ugly stage” and can only imagine what has happened to get a painting to be complete. If you never see the work that goes into something, can you fully grasp the effort and time that went into it’s creation? Maybe no.
Art takes time, knowledge, skill and the ability to ignore a great many things (the cat trying to stare you down, the ice cold coffee in your once scalding mug, reminders from your stomach that breakfast should be before noon since you were up at 5)….small digression, but that would be why artists are “starving” – food comes later, right now, it’s time to paint.

Yep, time to paint.

So here’s your peek- usually the subject is not sketched out in my work, but the tractor demanded a little more respect in my opinion.
Yes, you can come back to see the big finish very soon 😀

the guy who feeds us 004

So here is the, ahem, more finished product- not really complete, but it was being shown for a while.

The local gallery was having a show called “Heroes”.
Immediately images of your typical local heroes popped to mind. Probably the same images you yourself just had. Firemen, police and military. The same uniforms on billboards and television donation commercials. Already been done.
So that idea got tossed into the bin.
Hubby reminded me that I had pictures from last spring of the tractor.
I saw the tractor on the field for the first time that spring and ran to get my camera. The shot was zoomed in as close as the camera would allow, then zoomed in again after I took the picture. That’s where I first realized that this farmer was teaching a new farmer-to-be the ropes of the spring plowing.
Yay! I love food!
My hero!

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