Exercising in the New Year

january pears x4
Yes, I am thinking of trying to faithfully do my exercises this year.
Jogging, or possibly gym settings come to mind for so many people.
Heck, No, Good People, by no means do I entertain intentions or delusions of sweating out my boxes of chocolates with a group of strangers. And run? Pfft! Only in case of extreme emergency, like a zombie attack or a pack of sugared-up pre-schoolers. Nearly the same thing, I know…but divergence aside for now, I was refering to exercising my painting skills.
january red pearSilver Pear Stilljanuary green pearjanuary golden pear

So, back to simple shapes gathering layer over layer of opaque and translucent glazes to become…(dadada) pears in a dark room!!! Hahaha.

But I’m happy with the classic look and intend to do a few full sized paintings in this style.

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