Mixing It Up

8x10 pear mixed

Mixed Pairs are mixed media paintings using acrylic, 800lb hot press watercolor paper & ribbon (maybe a cat hair or two – does that count?)

Reading how another artists warms up daily with quick paintings (of pears) sounded like a good idea. The practice does loosen you up and gets the inspiration flowing (when your fuzzy muse is off chasing butterflies in his dreams).

feb 1 14- oears 016<

So I practiced some "quick" pears. And they were so fast. For four sessions.
Couldn't leave them alone until they were ripe (or to my liking, whichever came first- turned out to be the latter).
But you've seen them. Everyone has seen them. It's a pear. Oooohhhh. Yes, yes, I know, I see that, too. Just a classic looking pear.
On the process board, I have a few pieces in different stages of development. Had two backgrounds that were new, something different and hadn't planned out how to finish them (you are not surprised, knock it off). Then I saw the lovely little pears, and the background, and the pairs….hmmm.

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