Treat for the Cats

present for the cats 005

 present for the cats 007

present for the cats 008

16x32ish" acrylic on sculpted panel

16x32ish” acrylic on sculpted panel

This one was my pet for a while. Until I really got it all worked out, it was a pre-occupying thought (and the wallpaper on my phone).

During the posting of this piece, I had a glitch. (I’m on a computer, glitches, hiccoughs and city-wide power outages are the norm). After I disappeared the entire post from my screen (into oblivian), just popping the pics onto the screen became enough for one day.

Aaand begin…
So, back to the original thoughts on it.

After enjoying the process during “Fossil Flight” (the sculptish dragonfly from October), the idea for this one came to mind.

(…..what if…..)
So I did. Frosted that wood panel like a yummy sheetcake, mashed a big onion bag into the wet goo, drew on it with a pastry bag (filled with more of the same wet goo) and did what was necessary with fingers, brushes & the ever-ready power tools.

Then paint, paint, carry piece around the
house and view at different times- in a mirror, upside down (the painting, not me), changing light. Then to paint, paint, gaze and paint. Sit it in the kitchen, prop it in the livingroom, stare like my cats taught me.
And a little touch up.
And back to gazing.
Maybe it sounds like a lot of steps, and I suppose it is. I never really think about how involved the process actually is, or that it is the only thing on my mind while my body is going where it needs to in order to keep the peace. During the process of creating, especially towards the end, when the big picture is finally coming together- it’s the driving force to finish whatever I’m doing outside and get back to the painting.

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