A Beginning

18x 24" varnished drywall sculpt on canvas panel

18x 24″ varnished drywall sculpt on canvas panel

January 6, 2013
Completed first painting for portfolio.

April 4, 2013
First blog post.

May 18, 2013
First show
First sale
First day spent with alpacas

Alpaca's at Arts Alive Quakertown 2013

Alpaca’s at Arts Alive Quakertown 2013

It’s been a year.
I knew that I would commit to a year.
After a year …I would know.

Is the blog worth the time, attempt at dedication and irregular rousing of my muse to display my work on yet another surface?
Will people read it (do I want them to??)

Well, as it happens, it does get me business (and “putting my self out there” isn’t as painful as I though it might be), so…yes, the art will continue to be posted in a capricious and sporadic fashion.
🙂 Plus, I enjoy using the thesaurus (oh yes, I am that nerd).
When I post a new project, I sometimes get comments from friends and family, you know, the people who’s lives are linked to yours by irrefutable genetics or a long term knowing of that person (those you will never escape). So you may hear that they enjoyed a painting, and perhaps they do… sometimes you wonder…but still, always nice, they’re taking the time to look.
Or fib…
Then you have the comment that comes to you through an unexpected source. When someone who has no real ties or obligations to you, spends the time and energy to do what they normally would not- just to see what you’re blabbering on about (again)- and then… really gets moved by your work and relates their story to you.

This happened to me, ensuing my first year full of firsts.
Sold my first painting, gained my first few collectors (plural plurals!), getting enough of a backing by my peers to move me into a number two position in a first “Best Artist” contest and aquiring my first 100 followers (plus) between social medias.
After all of that, a creative still gets block, a lack of inspiration, a season of hibernation (hehe, the cats help me nap).
After a year that didn’t make me a superstar but did make me feel super about my artsy future, an aquaintance gave me an unexpected and amazing compliment.
They had not only found my blog (on the dreaded computer machine- and I so completely empathize, I don’t love digital, but it’s a part of life and I digress….) she read every bit. All of it. What?? And WOW! (and thank you!)
It touched and motivated me when the wheels really needed some fresh grease and the impact of her reaction gave me the concept for the work in progress above. A feather. Because not all inspiration slams into you like a wrecking ball, sometimes it’s just a gentle nudge that says, “Hey, you’re heading in the right direction, keep going.” from someone that doesn’t owe you a dang thing.

Success is a long road with lots of potholes and detours, take advantage of the road crews life sends and let them help you along.
This could be a masterpiece!
(or a fantastic road trip, either way, the vehicle is fueled- let’s go!)

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