august 2014 104This post comes to you from our new place. New home, new studio, new pet…a dog.
Nacho is adjusting ….slowly, maybe.
Gideon just demands the dog back off- by bopping her on the snout when she forgets his personal space.
Neither cat has front claws and Molliedog doesn’t know how lucky she is.

So studio work time was severely curtailed by the attention spent on other things, walking the Molliedog, finding out which box was hiding my hairbrush, fun and games with the cable/internet service…ahhhh, the many joys of a major life change.

Then, getting the studio to the point that if I walked through, the work space would suck me in, like a swirling vortex of paint (or a black hole- sometimes you just have to take a chance). Until that area was clear of box mountain, the muse stayed hidden (under the chaise lounge, in fact).

So, after working around the job, dog and neighbors (who were friends before we moved in), the studio has become settled enough to settle me into picking up gesso, knives and tools…this piece is not done, but the studio feels like what it’s intended for.
Ahh no boxes.

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