Flying Pigments

In a nutshell:
2013 ended with me leaving a gallery.
Twenty Fourteen, not much art being done largely but not entirely due to the packing & unpacking of our entire household.
By the end of the summer, my work could be seen in two different galleries locally, Chimayo and The Gallery at JoAnne’s Frame Shop.
JoAnne had been the framer at the gallery I left last winter.

During a “First Friday” event at Chimayo, the idea of my opening a paint & sip party location was introduced by JoAnne.
The location intended: a room adjacent to her frame shop & gallery.
These party places have begun springing up in various locations- why not right here? It’s a fun time for all who attend, great for a night out with friends, date night, birthday parties- any reason seems to be a good one.
Hmm- I could do this…
Now, JoAnne had already come looking for my art, then for my time to teach and now this (she must have really missed me when I left last winter!).
SO, I talked it over with Hubby- again & again.
Similar businesses were researched and more discussion ensued.
We couldn’t come up with a single reason to let this opportunity slip on by.

And today, I am the very busy owner & operator of “Flying Pigments” Paint Parties (still so much to do!).
Open House Friday 10/10?14 from 6-9:00 (coinciding with the opening reception for two artists in the gallery).

Come out if you’re in the area!

A Colorful Beginning!

A Colorful Beginning!

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