Still Creating!

There isn’t much time to paint what I’d like to (need to…the galleries are waiting and they want new work!).
I’m sure you’ve guessed there is also little time to write (about things that are not paint parties).

This piece was begun last Spring (before we moved, got a dog, started a business…
It is an unfinished sculpted panel, similar to Fossil Flight and Alone, Together.
I just needed to get my hands on something not designed for easy replication by untrained hands. Although not completed, I also needed to post something that is going to be shown in a gallery and offered for sale.

It’s not only paint party planning keeping my home studio vacant. When not giving step by step directions, there are classes to teach in acrylic painting, acrylic technique and acrylic texture technique/mixed media (so much fun!).

A few days ago, I had a student who has been painting with watercolors for years in a European Traditional style who wanted to try acrylic technique.
Her reaction to what we were doing was absolutely priceless! She’d been painting nicely done, tightly regimented compositions for years.
So I taught her how to play with her paint.
She’ll be back next week!
And the peacocks….they’ll get where they need to go, too.

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