Keeping Secrets

Keeping Secrets…

Well, I can tell, I just will not show.

I’m the featured artist this coming April at JoAnne’s Frame Shop & Gallery.

The home studio is a busy place as lingering unfinished works go under lamps and hang around upside down. It’s my process; continual scrutiny and objectivity.  The pieces I do are not for me, nor this house.

I paint because it’s like a mixture of puzzle and book. An idea forms and suddenly, the brush is in hand. Intriguing as you figure out what goes where, how to make it fit together cohesively. Enjoyable and relaxing, frustrating and concerning, exciting and inspiring as the story develops, twists, turns and ends. Just…done. Already. Oooohh. that feeling when the book you couldn’t put down bares it’s final page of script.

And that is the point where it would appear here, on Fuzzy Nacho the way Nacho Bigglesworh Beaver graces the studio.

But it’s not going to, not yet. All the work I do for the gallery will be unveiled at the reception, April 10th, 7-9:pm.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting paintings that I’m doing for Flying Pigments Studios.

Aim to enjoy every moment!

butterfly selfie crop

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