“Impending Doom”

Ahhh…the work, the staring, the lessons…so many lessons.

I called my mom one day, “Mom, I have a HUGE canvas, what should I paint on it?”

Mom, “Ooh, I’ve seen canvases like that with big, beautiful vases of flowers on them”…

hmm…well, in MY house, a big beautiful bunch of flowers may look exactly like this, something from the garden, something from the trees, some other “extras” from playing with a young friend (like “ticklers” and “shamrock flowers” (clover)…and maybe a lady bug or some other crawly flyer that a certain kitty would most definitely have to chase.

In my head, “Impending Doom” came to life. The paint and canvas version took much more work to come together. In doing this piece, I learned a lot, most importantly, I can paint any durn thing I set my mind to!

Thank you, Mister Nacho, I couldn’t have done it without my fuzzy little friend.RSCN5971DSCN5932DSCN5931

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