Process and Influence

 Watching anything being put together by a master is intriguing. From the walls currently being erected in my basement to my mothers amazing lasagna, there is always something to learn from observing a pro.

Don’t you love finding a piece of art with an equally captivating effect?
An unusual piece, that under close examination has a myriad of variations, will suck me right in.

A clever piece can have me looking from all angles, examining and questioning. How did the artist get this effect? What did they use for this texture? Ok, this layer was added after that one.
Dissection and reconstruction commence in my head. I mix colors and alter viscosities, working out possible outcomes were I do do the “same painting” MY way.
I thank countless you-tube instructors and the speed demo super stars. By watching their processes, their hands, seeing in the blur that time had elapsed, water has been sprayed, brush has been cleaned-
you see the process, you learn the technique, you become become influenced.

“Don’t Touch” (because I always have to remind myself!!)

8 x 10″ acrylic on canvas


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