Kilometers to Miles

InitiationThis is not the first time I’ve given a painting as a gift. My family has been receiving my art since I was a child, but  I’d never attempted to relay a story quite like this. 

…..a picture says a thousand words.

Maybe more.

I had not met the groom before I started this piece and didn’t want to ask specifics from my friend (what kind of surprise would that be?). I’d long known plenty about my friend, the challenge there was to narrow it down.

The beginnings of this piece were somewhat arduous. Using the details I had, it was started about 2 months before it was given (not the only thing I was working on!).

Luckily, I did meet the man of the hour shortly before this piece was to be presented. I found out all sorts of details once I got them talking about where he was from (exactly), places they’d visited and which skyline was close to home. 

Back in the studio, I googled and studied (and discovered how pointy the English architecture is!) which is my process when working on anything representational. I need to see it from all angles, in different light, change my mind a time or two. Paint, paint, stare and paint and stare, check the reference material, google a bit more, paint, stare and sign.

If nothing else, my gift is always the only one of it’s kind in the pile.

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